Saturday, February 23, 2013

Coming Along

I decided to take a ride out to see the house yesterday since I was off from work. I'm glad I did because we have some siding!!! It was also nice to see the other homes and the progress they have made. The Sienna across the street from us is practically catching up to us so I'm happy about that. So far we are the only house on our block and I would've been lonely.

We also got a letter from Ryan about our settlement date. Right now they are projecting a March 29th settlement date which is only 1 day after our final walk through date. Our PM did say that our actual settlement date would be 1 or 2 days after our walk through. Here are some pictures!

 On Monday, no siding

On Friday there's siding!

View from the street and we have a door!

View from across the street

Sienna across the street coming along

More work down the block

Pre drywall Meeting

Our pre drywall meeting was held on Monday, February 18th. The walk through didn't take long at all. It was freezing outside so we just kind of walked through each room and our PM explained what they had done so far and what was to come next. I kind of felt silly because honestly, I have not a clue about anything construction wise. What am I supposed to be looking at? How am I supposed to know everything is framed properly, pipes, wiring and all that stuff is done right? UGH!!! I mean nothing looked out of place, nothing was wrong with the wood in the house or anything sooooo??? I am really leaning towards having an inspector come and check the house out just to make sure because obviously I can't do it myself.

As we were talking to our PM he gave us our pre settlement date of March 28th! That is right around the freaking corner! I am really excited. The workers have been super busy with all the homes around us. So far I know that there will be another Florence next door to us (on our left), across the street there will be a Sienna and the corner house (we are the 3rd house in from the corner) will be the Pisa. I believe the lot right next door to us on our right is sold but nothing has been started yet.

Here are some pictures. I felt weird taking pictures in the house since the workers were there doing their thing so I don't have pictures of every room but here it is:

Master Bedroom view from walk in closet

Master from hallway door

Other side of the Master. Looking towards Master Bath

Master Bath

Master View from Bedroom 2


Bedroom 3

Linen Closet, closets for bedrooms 2 & 3

View from top of steps looking at the main hall and bedrooms

Steps from Hall looking down

 Steps looking into family room

Family Room

 Kitchen view from Morning Room

Morning Room

Closet/Powder Room

Living Room

Steps to Basement

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Construction Zone!!!

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous outside so I decided to take a ride out to see my home. When I got there the plumbers were working so I stayed on the street and just looked in. I really wanted to walk in the house and look around but I knew I couldn't and besides on Monday we will have our pre drywall meeting so I'll get to walk through the house at that time.

The roof is now on

View from the garage

I've got hay...I guess for landscaping

As you can see they are pretty busy working on our neighbors homes! It is very exciting seeing them break ground, pour foundation and start framing the homes around us. I hope they are close to being completed by the time we move in. 

Very exciting! Can't wait for Monday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another day, Another driveby

Derek drove by the house again today and OMG!!!!! It's actually a house! I cannot get over how fast they build these houses. I know all they have to do is put the pieces together but still. I will be taking a drive up there on Friday so I can see it for excited =)

Our pre drywall meeting is scheduled for Monday, Feb 18th so we'll be able to actually walk through the house. Here are pictures!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Pleasant Surprise

So, here I am thinking the framing of my house wouldn't start until this upcoming week because of all the crappy weather we have been experiencing lately. Well to my surprise they most certainly have been working on my house after all! We hadn't heard anything from anyone so we assumed nothing was going on and when Derek (my husband) drove by on Thurs there was really nothing there.

Today, my SR sent pictures of the progress. I have to say I am impressed and totally surprised. It's all coming together...I'm super excited =)

Can't wait to see it in person.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pictures and Thieves!

The hubs passed by the house a couple of times this week just to check on the progress. Our PM told us framing should start Sun/Mon but it has been snowing and raining so that didn't happen. Here are some pictures my husband took on Monday

Today at lunch my husband passed by only to see some guys stealing our stuff! He said as he approached our lot he noticed 2 men going back and forth from the house to a van. He said they took windows, wood...pretty much anything they could fit into the van. As soon as he stopped the car and was ready to get out the 2 guys ran back to the van and took off. He took pictures of the van's plate and called our PM but he said our PM didn't seem concerned. The framers were supposed to be at our house but called and said they wouldn't be able to make it because they were caught up at another job.

The strings wrapped around the lumber was cut and there was wood everywhere even in the street. As you can see our windows/doors/lumber is just laid out on the ground everywhere. Should I be concerned about the weather and the damage it could do to it? I'm worried about exposed wood as we are supposed to more snow/rain starting tomorrow. Should I complain about it?