Friday, April 5, 2013

We closed, we moved, we're tired...

We finally closed last Friday!! Let me back up for a minute and talk about the final walk through which was last Thursday at 10 am. Derek and I arrived at the house to meet up with our PM and this was my first time seeing the house all finished since the last time I came we were still in the drywall phase. I have to say that we  loooooovved the house. Everything came out so beautiful and even though before I was kind of regretting not getting any hardwood floors I love the floors we picked out and they don't seem bad at all. We will eventually put in hardwood but for right now our tiles are just fine.

The walk through took about 2 hours and we went through the entire house, top to bottom and our PM gave us some tips for the appliances like how to clean them, how often to change filters, etc... So after the walk through we went back home to pick up the Uhaul truck we rented and began moving out of our storage unit and my mom's house. Needless to say, we were VERY tired that night but we knew we had a full and busy day ahead of us so we went to bed early. Friday morning we woke up around 6am and finished the last bit of packing we had to do, went to the bank to pick up our certified check then drove up to the house where we left the Uhaul parked in the driveway while we went to settlement.

We were scheduled to settle at 11am but decided to go a little early just to see if they would let us start early. When we got to the settlement office, the lady just received our paperwork literally a couple of minutes before we got there so it worked out perfectly. We began signing papers around 10:45 and we were finished by 11:30. I've never bought a house before and I didn't know what to expect but it was a total breeze! The settlement lady was very sweet and was cracking jokes the entire time so that made it nice for us and made the atmosphere way less stuffy than what we were thinking. I always thought settlement would be super to the point, very business like but ours wasn't like that at all. After everything was said and done we drove back to the house where we had my family that drove up from Maryland waiting to help us unpack. We unpacked that truck in less than an hour! We were not playing around and got right down to business like we had planned. The entire weekend I had family over helping us unpack, decorate, hang up curtains and blinds and we even hosted our first big dinner-Easter! We had 14 people total and it was super fun, I enjoyed cooking and having people over even though my house was not ready to host such a big dinner but we made the best of it. Anyway, here I am a week later and I still have lots to unpack but little by little we will get there. I'll leave you with our final walk through photos so you can see our finished product. Congratulations to everyone that is nearing their closing dates and to those who have recently closed. Good Luck!!